The Difference Game

Virtual Game

What to Expect?

The Difference Game is a remote diversity training game. The year is 2050. Humans have now evolved into 4 civilisations, each with their own strength and weakness. The 4 civilisations are coming together for the first time at a summit to learn more about each other. Virtual teams are split into diplomats and presidents. They must firstly seek to understanding the other civilisations before the diplomats embark on a mission to discover more about their neighbours. But not all the civilisations are the same. Over time they have evolved and presidents communicate and behave in unique ways. Can diplomats behave in a respectful way which allows them to fulfil their mission?

Key Learning Points

By playing this immersive, interactive game set in outer space, participants will collaborate and understand the following:

1. We make judgments and choices based on assumptions and limited perceptions and information.

2. When in doubt or ignorant, don’t assume or avoid. Ask the question! People won’t be offended and they are the experts!

3. People like to contribute and help but they need to feel included and accepted for who they are. For them to feel this way, we don’t always need to get it right. It’s ok to make mistakes. Effort and intention go a long way.

4. Different people have different strengths. When we treat people with respect and don’t exclude them, we can benefit from this ourselves. But often we need to pay it forward. You cannot always see the benefit upfront.

5. We are all our own civilisation. It’s through communicating and conversation that we can ensure better relationships

From 12-16 employees per session, want your team to share this unique experience too? Then contact us. Customisation is also possible. Just ask us about the possibilities.

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