Client: Zurich Insurance Group

Target Group: All employees of Zurich Insurance Group

Goal: To introduce and to motivate current employees about the new strategy for 2019.

Description: Zurich Insurance Group wanted to introduce the new strategy for 2019 to their employees. We played this game three times, once at the Isle of Man, once in Dubai (UAE) and once in Swindon (UK).

The day started with inspiring presentations by executives and the CEO. After which, we played a business game to really implement their strategy. The employees had to build up a country from scratch and their main goal was to make their inhabitants happy. This was a well-fitted metaphor for the customers of Zurich! The core values ‘customer first’, ‘collaboration’ and ‘making it happen’ played an invaluable part in the success rate of the teams.

In each country, the teams’ strategy was different. However, despite their different approaches the employees at each country were really excited and motivated to kick 2019 off with a blast! The winning team of each game was rewarded with an extra day off!

Categorie: Management Games