Virtual Games: to provide an engaging online experience.

We’ve brought our interactive, fun, high-energy games online so that colleagues can communicate effectively and work together as a team.

Our virtual games are suitable for:

  • Teamwork: Experience and learn about the power of whole team collaboration, even when not together!
  • Communication: Learn the benefits of listening and including others, and how to work online under pressure in a fast-paced environment.
  • Decision Making: Understand the benefits of inclusive decision making.
  • Cultural Respect: Understand how to be aware of your differences and how our perceptions may not always be right.

Our games can be adapted to suit your specific needs.  Ask us without an obligation about the possibilities!

Why Virtual Games by Business Games?

Based on that belief Business Games creates fun and engaging team experiences, by facilitating proven games that stimulate learning and bonding, with a serious impact on people’s performance in real life.
We truly believe that people are the driving force of successful organisations, but we don’t believe in a one-way or top-down approach.
– Unique proven effective games
– Tailored to the client’s need
– 20+ years of experience
– Qualified facilitators
– Safe learning environment
– International track record from 300+ companies

Holidays Around The World

Team building, Holiday Traditions, Celebration

Players in remote teams embark on a global journey to explore holiday traditions across to globe and create and share as much happiness as possible in this high energy, interactive holiday game.

Holidays Around The World »

Interactive Quiz Game Show

Not your average pub quiz!

A high-energy quiz show presented live via YouTube. For business teams or even family and friends at home.

In this interactive quiz, participants not only answer challenging questions in a range of different mediums, but also get up and moving!

Interactive Quiz Game Show »

Online Olympics

Communication/Decision Making/Team Building

Players in remote teams compete in the Online Olympics across a multitude of new disciplines.

Communication and collaboration are key, but can teams adapt to the complexities of a virtual working environment and achieve results?

Online Olympics »

The Difference Game


A joint collaboration between Diversity Movement by Business Games and DCU Centre of Excellence for Diversity and Inclusion.

4 New Civilsations all need each others’ expertise to build out their own world. Will teams work in collaboration?  Will they make assumptions? This training gives participants an opportunity to understand that things are not always as they seem.

The Difference Game »

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