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Team building Games for motivation and to enhance collaborations

Team building Games are interactive, fun and creative team training sessions in which participants work together in an intelligent and light-hearted way. During these games we focus on bringing the individual and team performances to a higher plane. The goal pursued with team building is after all about functioning optimally as an effective team. A team with a positive team spirit, clear distribution of tasks and connected by short lines boosts productivity and, of course, the atmosphere within your organisation will benefit from that. So a win-win situation!

Why Business Games?

Based on that belief Business Games creates fun and engaging team experiences, by facilitating proven games that stimulate learning and bonding, with a serious impact on people’s performance in real life.
We truly believe that people are the driving force of successful organisations, but we don’t believe in a one-way or top-down approach.
– Unique proven effective games
– Tailored to the client’s needs
– 20+ years of experience
– Qualified facilitators
– Safe learning environment
– International track record from 300+ companies

Your business context as a metaphor

During our Team building Games, teams are conveyed to an attractive business world that serves as a metaphor for your own business context. The games thus represent a simulation of the real business world. By using a metaphor from reality, you create a ‘safe’ distance from the working environment for your employees, but you can still easily translate the ‘outcome’.

Many elements of the business world re-emerge in the Team building Games, with realms of experience like running a country, a zoo and football stadiums. You choose which realm of experience you think your employees will most appreciate or where you think you can get the most profit out of it.

At your office or on location

Team building Games can be played at inspiring locations (such as a zoo, football stadium or the beach) or simply at your business. Can’t wait to get to work with your team? Then choose a metaphor that appeals to you or contact us to discuss your ideas. If you have an issue in mind that is not mentioned below, how crazy you think it might be, we’ll be happy to work with you on a customized Team building Game.
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