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Employer Branding: for recruitment and company information days

Employer Branding Games can be used to acquaint people with your organisation, to introduce new employees, for recruitment, but also to show people everything your company does. Personnel and (potential) customers learn about your brand, your operations and your vision in a relaxed yet informative manner.

Employer branding games are intended to instill participants with a sense for familiarity with your company and brand loyalty among your employees and personnel. They are also an effective way of communicating information, especially in Asia, where the diverse multicultural, multilingual landscape means your message can sometimes get obscured.

Our Employer Branding Games are always tailored to your needs. After all, it’s all about your organisation. We do make use of proven game models, but we adjust them to suit your needs. Below you’ll see our three game models. Let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to make you the right offer. Possible for 5 to 5000 people and in several languages!

Why Business Games?

Based on that notion, we organise interactive Live Business Games for communication and learning projects, employer branding, process and change management and teambuilding.
We believe that people are the driving force of successful organisations, but we don’t believe in training based only on one-way traffic. By means of interaction, collaboration and directly experiencing do’s and don’ts in an energetic live simulation, we stimulate people to get the best out of themselves and others. That gives us (and the participants) energy!
Over 15 years of experience
Professional guidance
Unique concepts
Customized to your company
References from over 300+ companies

Onboarding Game

New employees get to know your organisation in a fun and interactive manner. In this game model they immerse themselves in the information about your organisation and then know precisely what you do and what you stand for. Competitive, informative and lively!
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Recruitment Game

Let candidates get acquainted with your organisation and market while you yourself assess their qualities. Our Recruitment Game is informative, interactive and fun! Candidates literally fight each other for profit while running their own business.
Recruitment Game »

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