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Serious Gaming: games to train knowledge and skills

You use Serious Gaming whenever you want to train your employees on specific knowledge and skills. Learning by doing, that’s the starting point here. Since 2002, we have been developing and facilitating Serious Games on, among others, the following subjects:

•    Leadership: connecting, keeping track, inspiring and getting the best out of your people
•    Proactive selling /sales: learn more about your customers and advise them
•    Communication: various conversation techniques, listening, communicating clearly
•    Knowledge transfer: enrich your insight into a certain business

Participants learn valuable insights in an innovative, creative and interactive manner. Our serious games can be adapted to suit your specific issue and/or industry. Ask us (without obligation) about the possibilities. We offer our games in several languages.

Why Businessgames?

Based on that belief Business Games creates fun and engaging team experiences, by facilitating proven games that stimulate learning and bonding, with a serious impact on people’s performance in real life.
We truly believe that people are the driving force of successful organisations, but we don’t believe in a one-way or top-down approach.
– Unique proven effective games
– Tailored to the client’s needs
– 20+ years of experience
– Qualified facilitators
– Safe learning environment
– International track record from 300+ companies

The Connection

Data quality and information transfer

In this Serious Game, the participants learn why a good information transfer and the right qualitative data are so important. It deals extensively with the collaboration between departments and their inter-dependency. Can we all be on the same page to reach our common goal?

Data quality Game »

The Banker

Banking game

What issues come up when running a business for example a bank? Participants experience it first hand during the Business Game The Banker”. Can they estimate the risks correctly before closing a deal? And who makes the most profit and wins this Serious Game?

Banking Game »

The Agile Game

Agile & Scrum game

Ready? Set. Go! In three thrilling sprints teams will build their own Holiday resort. Not only will you come face to face with the twelve principles of the Agile Manifest but in this blazing game you will also deal with the Scrum Framework. Who knows how to correctly prioritize all the while staying flexible enough? Who has the best design and the most creative organization? And which team will track of the client’s needs and ask the right questions? That team is ready for Agile.

The Agile Game »

The Upcoming City Builders

Safety & Compliance game

Immerse yourself in the world of real estate! Each team represents a contractor who is asked to build a completely new city in a tropical area. Infrastructure and buildings, every facility needs to be build rapidly! Teams can obtain tenders if they act quickly and come up with innovative ideas. But… can they do this without violating the rules and regulations? And will they uphold the strict safety requirements?

Bending or letting go of the rules can lead to serious reputational and financial damage. Who will get the upper hand?

Safety and Compliance Game »

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