Banking Game

The Banker

What precisely does a bank do? How do you make money with money? Is there also a safe manner of banking? In our banking game ‘The Banker’ the participants experience this at first hand.

Banks need a healthy liquidity position. Apart from that, they have to make a profit. The bank that is in a position to meet all its payment obligations and, at the same time, make the most profit wins this Serious Game.

A positive balance sheet

The banks collect people’s savings to keep a positive balance sheet and make a profit. The higher the interest rate, the more money that comes in. They then invest this in assets, such as mortgages, bonds, projects, shares and real estate. But do they consider the term and interest risk? What if savers all want to withdraw their savings at the same time?

Banks can also borrow money from one another, or even take over another bank. Apart from that, investing (together) in projects can be very lucrative. But what if a project goes bankrupt? The participants assess the risk before they close a deal. Do they play it safe for less money or take the risk and go for the big money?

Realistic issues

‘The Banker’ simulates the risks, the thinking about strategies and profit and good collaboration in practice in excellent fashion. These issues regularly come up in the real business world too. Do you want your people to learn what issues come up with leadership? Then this Serious Game is the game model of choice. The content of the game can be adapted to suit your business on request. Ask us without obligation about the possibilities!

Customized Serious Games

We have developed a number of proven and interactive game models for any training goal. We regularly develop customized Serious Games too. We can do that in two ways: On the one hand by inserting your content in our existing models. On the other hand, we stay constantly in motion by developing unique customized concepts that fit perfectly with your processes. Completely geared to your needs and your learning goals! See below some examples of customized concepts that we’ve developed for our customers.