Client: Microsoft

Target group: HR function in Asia Pacific

Goal: understanding the relative importance of each KPI

Description: Microsoft wanted to introduce a new set of KPIs for their HR function in Asia Pacific. Normally, this would have meant an afternoon staring at a collection of PowerPoint slides, but Business Games Asia developed a game for the 24 senior HR leaders that helped them not only to remember the KPI’s very vividly but also to understand the relative importance of each of the KPI’s.

We divided the group into teams that represented the Business and teams that represented HR. The Business and the HR teams both received assignments that they needed to fulfill in a short period of time. The HR teams of course were supposed to follow the new KPI’s and they were rewarded (or penalized) for doing so (or forgetting to do so).

A 2 hour game led to a very high satisfaction amongst all senior Microsoft HR people and the concept is now being investigated by Microsoft offices around the world as a new way of communicating complex matters such as these.

Category: Serious Games

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