Client: ANZ

Target group: 600 Relationship Managers & 60 Specialists

Goal: Improving revenue stream via closer bonds

Description: ANZ has 600 Relationship Managers (RMs)and 60 Specialists in its Affluent Banking division in Asia Pacific. The Specialists provide the RMs and their clients with advice on matters such as Mortgages, Insurance, Foreign Exchange and Investment.

One of the challenges ANZ faces is to get the RMs working closer together with the Specialists. This would lead to better solutions for clients and thereby presumably to better revenue streams for ANZ. One of the issues that prevents this from happening is  the fact that most RMs and Specialists do not really understand what each party actually does on a daily basis.

Business Games developed a tailor made game in which RMs and Specialists engaged with Clients during a role-play exercise. We created a number of Client cases which were role played by judges (mostly senior ANZ bankers) and Specialist teams as well as RMs had to come up with solutions, either independently or with each other as a team. Each case had an ‘ideal’ solution which we shared with the participants after the game.

The participants loved this way of learning more about the various roles within the bank. It helped them bond with each other and gave them a deeper understanding of the challenges the various disciplines within the bank face.

Category: Serious Games

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