Client: Novartis

Target group: 70 managers from the Middle-East

Goal: Experiencing the importance of Integrated Account Management

Objective: Integrated Account Management game for international meeting

Description: When you are working in the pharmaceutical industry it is highly important to have the right medical product knowledge. But with just product knowledge you won’t get there… You also need to uphold the right relations within the healthcare sector, and above all possess great powers of persuasion in order to introduce new products correctly.

Businessgames developed a game for Novartis which matched the learning objectives. Through an interactive live simulation the participants immerged themselves in different roles; at both the hospital side, as on the pharma side. The end objective of the pharmaceutical teams? Making sure that the new medicine gets listed at the hospital(s). But of course not just at any price.

The simulation came to live not only by role playing, but also creating a visualization of where the teams where positioned. They unraveled information from the diverse group of hospital stakeholders. What is their level of influence within the listing process? What is their attitude towards the new medicine? Slowly but shortly the puzzle pieces came together and a complete stakeholder overview was given.

The enthusiastic group of participants made the game in Abu Dhabi a tremendous success. All participants truly took charge of their assigned role and executed it to perfection. Enjoyable fun moments naturally alternated with excellent learning opportunities.

Because of the huge success this game is in further development as ‘game-in-a-box’ for Novartis internal use. Adding to that: two games were played in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur to introduce this  new way of learning (via a Business Game) throughout the organization.

Category: Serious Games