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Even though communicating and learning is possible in many ways, Businessgames believes truly connecting to others is today’s real challenge. This cannot be achieved in a one-way presentation. In order to actually reach people, we develop training sessions in the shape of live gaming. Live gaming is a proven and success tool to get your message across. To bolster the team spirit. To share knowledge in an interactive way. To train and improve (soft) skills that in a professional improvement have to be correct in order to be successful. We create awareness: what can we do better? Wat should we do differently? This way, everyone uses their full potential.

In a game, natural behaviors quickly reach the surface. In a safe learning environment that challenges you to bring your A game. And yes, in your excitement, sometimes you make mistakes. Just like in real life. And in this game, we use those mistakes and turn them into learning opportunities.

With this in mind, I – Gijs van der Linden – founded Businessgames in 2002. As frontrunner in this field I developed many game dynamics. Where do people learn the most from? How can we turn this in an interactive game? And how do we safeguard the fun element, an important part of every game we develop?   

In the meantime, I have surrounded myself with a team of inspired professionals, each with a different background. We have one thing in common: the principle of experience based learning is in our DNA. A part of our team excels at facilitating live games for our valued clients. Another part of our team develops customized, playful games for the most various issues and the final part of our team creates the right look-and-feel of all of our materials. To sum it up: a perfectly balanced team that works with a lot of passion and expertise on your learning objectives.

In the past years we have become the leading provider of live Business Games. With our knowledge and experience we are able to quickly switch gears so your needs are properly dealt with. We believe in doing it perfectly.. or not at all! This means we get more than half of our business by word of mouth.

We have a team of trained facilitators who run Business Games throughout Asia. Please contact us for more information.

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The team

Arnout Mostert
Arnout MostertManaging Director, Business Games Asia
Arnout obtained extensive experience in facilitating workshops and training courses while working for Shell in several global Marketing roles. He applies this knowledge now as one of the Business Games facilitators in Asia. He has been in charge of games varying in size between 12 and 500 people. The clients he has worked with include: ANZ, Rabobank, UBS, Credit Suisse, Microsoft, Hilton, AXA, Philips, ING, Manulife, DBS and Toshiba.
Jan Willem van Walsum
Jan Willem van WalsumFacilitator, Business Games Asia
Jan Willem has been a facilitator with Business Games in Asia for over five years. In this role he has also been responsible for the development of programs and specific games ranging from on-boarding and recruitment games, to tailor-made cross-selling programs. Jan Willem has worked on such programs for a wide variety of clients, including UBS, Hilton Worldwide, KPMG, Commerzbank, Schneider Electric, Emerson, and Allianz.
Joeri Gianotten
Joeri GianottenFacilitator, Business Games Asia
Joeri’s enthusiasm for coaching and leadership development combined with his global business development experience makes him an experienced facilitator at Business Games Asia. Joeri has facilitated trainings and workshops for more than 4 years and has worked with clients such as Philips, DBS, ANZ, UBS, KPMG and Manulife among others.
Frank Bomers
Frank BomersFacilitator, Business Games Asia
Frank is an experienced all round business development specialist who has facilitated Business Games in most countries in the region, working with clients such as AXA, British American Tobacco, Philips, DBS, Microsoft, SingTel and Sony Entertainment.