The Agile Game

Agile & Scrum Game

Who will build the most innovative and creative Holiday Resort without losing touch of the wishes of the client? That’s what is all about in this Agile Game! In three thrilling sprints the participants will get to know the 12 principles of the Agile Manifest, and also the Scrum Framework. Which team will put the customer first, prioritize and keep a strong focus on flexibility? That team is ready for Agile.

The Holiday Resort

Designing, building and decorating: each team is responsible for a part of the resort. In this way, certain participants will take on the development of the reception, while others focus on the lobby or the sports facilities. But what if the client wants to enforce some adjustments, or perhaps some setbacks occur on the building site? Do the teams know how to stay realistic, change course whenever needed and also keep the client informed?

Agile and Scrum

The participants experience what it is like working according to the Agile principles and with the Scrum methodology. They will work with Artefacts, Ceremonies and Key Roles within the Scrum Framework. In addition, they divide responsibilities and roles between the team members: who will take on the role of Product Owner, Scrum Master or Production Team Member? The participants will learn to prioritize, ask specific questions and learn how to set-up a framework. In this way, they will not only get the best version of themselves but also the best out of their colleagues and even clients.


Are you switching to the Agile working method; are you curious what Agile can mean for your organization; or would you like to embed the Agile way of working even deeper into your organization? Then you have come to the right place! We can fully customize the game according to your wishes. Whether you prefer the technical variant – In which we deep dive into the principles and methodologies of Agile and Scrum – or if you prefer the variant where we mainly focus on customer service and thereby leaving the technical terminology out of the equation. Either way, get in touch with us to discuss and define the possibilities!


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