Client: Credit Suisse

Target group: The High Net Worth Individuals

Goal: Understanding banking for non-bankers

Description: Every year Credit Suisse organises 2 summer courses for the children of their High Net Worth Individuals. One course for English speaking people and one course for Mandarin speaking people. Every course contained about 25 children in the age group of 20 – 35. The objective is to provide the children with a better understanding of the bank and an opportunity for the children to make new friends and build a network.

Credit Suisse asked Business Games to develop a game for the last day of the course. The objective of the game was  to create a fun and interactive environment in which the children would reflect on what they had learned from the lectures and workshops earlier that week. The challenge was to make it fun and at the same time let them learn more about the bank.

We created a 3 hour game with six teams. Every team had about 4 members, we made sure that every team had a good mix of personalities (which was easy because the group had been together already for a week). Every team represented one of the products of Credit Suisse Private Banking.

The game consisted of 3 rounds. In round 1 the teams had to create a team identity, make a 2 minute presentation about their product and present this to their peers. In round 2 we let them solve 30 client scenarios in which they had to decide together which clients needed which specific products. In round 3 the teams had to give  presentations about a specific case to explain and defend their product choices.

The game was a huge success. There was a lot of debate on which products to advise to the client and the participants were really using the stuff they learned earlier in the week and brought that knowledge in practice.

Category: Management Game

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