Client: Axa

Target group: 100 senior managers during the annual Summit in Singapore

Goal: Stick to strategy and show leadership

Description: AXA brought its 100 top managers to Shanghai for their annual Summit where they discussed next year’s plans

Business Games organised a large game for the 100 people in which we let them play the members of state governments. 10 states formed one country and the states had to keep their citizens happy. This meant acquiring assets and to be able to buy the preferred assets they had to trade resources with the other states. Beside their own objectives, they also needed to keep in overall objective in perspective. This meant forcing the states to work together and share certain assets. To make things more visible there was a huge map in the middle where they could put their acquired assets.

The various teams started with developing their own identity, including flags and anthems.  After short presentations of their strategy the actual trading began and in the following 1.5 hour strategies were challenged by constant changing market circumstances.

Not only did the 100 senior managers enjoy themselves, they also got to know each other better, and learned again how difficult it is to stick to a strategy and show leadership.

Category: Management Game

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