Online Olympics

Virtual Game

What to expect?

Players in remote teams compete in the Online Olympics across a multitude of new disciplines. Working under time pressure, teams need to strategise and communicate effectively in order to try and get the highest score. Which team will cross the finish line first?


Participants are divided into virtual teams, each consisting of 4-5 athletes, with each team assigned a WhatsApp Coach.
-Teams participate in an Opening Ceremony where they collaborate to create a team outfit & publicity poster.
-Teams then choose, in any order, 1 of the 16 (or less) Olympic Disciplines they want to do. These include: Digital Steeplechase, Speed Typing, Desk Dressage, Perfect Press Coverage, Endurance Judging
-The session closes with a virtual Medal Ceremony announcing the winning team.

Learning Points & Customisation

-All the disciplines are designed to be fun and reinforce key remote working skills such as effective communication and problem solving.
-Teams learn about the decision making, multitasking and working under pressure.
-Disciplines can be adapted and customised according to your company brand and objectives.

From 8-25 employees per session, want your team to share this unique experience too? Then contact us. Just ask us about the possibilities.

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