Holidays Around The World

Virtual Team Building Game

What to expect?

Guided by Charlie the Chatbot and a live game facilitator,  teams need to work together to complete challenges to earn happiness points. After getting ready for the journey, teams learn about different holiday traditions through assignments that will put their remote-working skills to the test. Communication and collaboration are key, but which team can earn most happiness points in the time available?


The entire group is split into teams of 5-6 participants. Each team receives an invitation letter via email with instructions and a link to join on gameday.

Packing and dressing for the journey
All participants gather in a conference call. The game facilitator welcomes participants and recaps the objective and mission of the game and how we’ll organise logistically.

Trip around the world completing challenges
Participants connect per team in separate breakout rooms or conference calls. Chatbot Charlie takes the teams on a journey to discover holiday traditions across the globe and complete challenges and assignments to create as much happiness in the time available.

Teams will be in constant contact with a live-facilitator, who will support them throughout. Popular ways of setting up this connection is via a WhatsApp group, chat or via email.

Celebration ceremony & gifts for winners
Teams gather back in the main call. During the celebration ceremony we share footage of the game, happiness points are counted and gifts awarded to the winners!

Learning Points & Customisation

-All the challenges are designed to be fun and reinforce key remote working skills such as effective communication and problem solving.
Teams learn about the decision making, multitasking and working under pressure.
Challenges can be adapted and customised according to your company brand and objectives.
up to 600 employees per session, want your team to share this unique experience too?  Then contact us.  Just ask us about the possibilities of this Virtual Team Building Game!

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