Supply Chain Game / Process Management Game


Organising the chain to give the customer the best possible service, that is the secret behind success in this supply chain and process management game.

During the game, participants represent competing airplane manufacturers, such as Boeing and Airbus. They build new aircraft and sell them to airlines like KLM and EasyJet. They also have to think about upgrades and service contracts. It is not only about selling as much as possible, but also living up to agreements with customers. If they do not do that, it is at the expense of customer satisfaction and thus the final result. Just like in the real world!

Taking account of all links

The teams organise and improve their internal processes, such as their information, cash and product flows. Both optimum communication between the various links and a clear picture of the chain as a whole are of great importance. Do they also take inventories, lead time and cash flow into account? Only when they’ve thought about all the elements can a team be successful. An informative game in an attractive metaphor, because, like in practice, you have to think about all links in the chain.

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Customized Management Games

We have developed a number of proven and interactive game models for any training goal. We regularly develop customized Management Games too. We can do that in two ways: On the one hand by inserting your content in our existing models. On the other hand, we stay constantly in motion by developing unique customized concepts that fit perfectly with your processes. Completely geared to your needs and your learning goals! See below some examples of customized concepts that we’ve developed for our customers.