Project Management Game

Road to Perfection

Time, money, organisation, quality and information are five essential elements for successful completion of a project. During ‘Road to perfection’, two project teams do battle with each other while building a road from A to B. Which team manages to round off the project within the set time, the budget, the required quality and other requirements?

Visible competition brings out the best in the participants

Within the team, the project teams work on the project based on different responsibilities. Contract management with the contractor(s), stakeholder interests, finances and permits are all elements with their own goals, which are inextricably linked to one another.
The roads in this Project Management Game actually get built, which means the progress of the teams is clearly visible. If a permit has not been applied for, the team suffers an obvious delay. The competition is directly visible and brings out the best, or the worst, in the participants. Do they keep communicating even when they’re under enormous time pressure?

A mirror for participants

Performing in this game requires leadership, planning, communication, collaboration, decision-making and many other competencies that are also needed in practice. So the game also works like a mirror for participants. What qualities do they possess, and do they apply them in practice too? And how could they do that better?
This Project Management Game creates a safe environment for feedback, discussion, training and teambuilding. An informative game for both profit and non-profit organisations. Ask us without obligation about the possibilities. We can also customize ‘Road to perfection’ to suit your needs.

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Customized Management Games

We have developed a number of proven and interactive game models for any training goal. We regularly develop customized Management Games too. We can do that in two ways: On the one hand by inserting your content in our existing models. On the other hand, we stay constantly in motion by developing unique customized concepts that fit perfectly with your processes. Completely geared to your needs and your learning goals! See below some examples of customized concepts that we’ve developed for our customers.